Graduate/Postdoctoral Alumni
Steffen Buessecker
     Steffen Buessecker,
PhD student
AnalissaAnalissa Sarno
PhD student
Outi Lähteenoja
Outi        Lahteenoja,
Postdoctoral Researcher
  Michal Ziv-El
Postdoctoral Researcher 

Patrick Browne

Patrick Browne
Postdoctoral Researcher 

Damien Finn
Postdoctoral Researcher

Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds
PhD Student
Paul Brewer

Jillian Ayers, BS and MS student, Microbiology (2022). Currently:
Gandhar Pandit, MS student, Solid Materials management (2018), Currently: 
Zeni Ramirez , BS and MS student, Biology (2017), Currently:

Visiting Scientists

  • Dr. Jiaxue Song, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at Shanghai Normal University, China. 2012-2013.

Undergraduate Alumni

Honors Thesis

  • Jessica Spring, 2015-2016: "Early Assessment of Phage Communities in Amazon Peatland Soils" (attending University of Chicago from 2016)
  • Kaitlyn Tylor, 2015-2016: "Ferrous iron, organic matter, and pH as drivers of chemodenitrification in tropical peat soil" (attending University of Illinois  at Chicago from 2016)
  • Divya Mahendra, 2013-2014: "Preliminary Metabolic Reconstruction of Methane Producing Microbes: Methanoregula boonei 6A8 and Methanosphaerula palustris E1-9c. (Currently at Masters in Biomedical Informatics, ASU)

Research Assistants

  • 2018-2019: Angela Mercado (Engineering), Elias Rodriguez (Microbiology), Alexandra Gernandez (Engineering), Jordan Canin (Microbiology), Nandini Mishra (Biochemistry), Morgan Yorkell (Microbiology), Hebah Bahta (Microbiology)
  • 2015-2016: Jack Liu (Biosciences), Martin Martinez (Microbiology), Zacchary Zamora (Microbiology, IMSD student), Jaime Lopez (Chemical Engineering, SCEB intern), Timothy Walczyck (Biology), Deana Becker (Molecular Biosciences & Biotech).
  • 2014-2015: Logan Kurgon (Chemistry), Timothy Millea (Computer Science), Tiya Lallmamode (Chemical Engineering, SCEB intern).
  • 2013-2014: Miandra Ellis (Biological Sciences), Jazmine Mayberry (Biochemistry), Pablo Cruz (Microbiology)
  • 2012-2013: Gracie Parrish (Microbiology)
  • 2011-2012: Gayle Frost (Sustainability), Mayra Buenrostro (Microbiology), Michael Crusoe (Microbiology, SOLUR student).

Research Experience for High School Students*

  • Sarah Bodansky, 2015-2016, Horizon High School. Research project presented at the Science and Engineering Fair - Microbiology
  • Christina Moon, 2015-2016, Corona del Sol High School. Research project presented at the Science and Engineering Fair - Microbiology
  • Rohini Nott, 2014-2015, BASIS Chandler. Research project gained the Silver Medal in the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair - Microbiology
  • Priyanka Konan, 2014-2015, Hamilton High School, Research project gained the Silver Medal in the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair - Microbiology
  • Ruohan (Hannah) Miao, 2013-2014, Hamilton High School.
  • Jeba Sania, 2013-2014, Paragon Science Academy.
  • Lindsay Wilson, 2012-2013, Bioscience High School.  Research project gained the Silver Medal in the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair - Microbiology (went on to Northern Arizona University). 
  • Saisanjana Kalagara, 2012-2013, Corona del Sol High School. Research project gained the Silver Medal in the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair - Microbiology  (went on to Brown University)

* High school students participate in our lab through the Southwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment (SCENE) program in partnership with local high school students and ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability