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    studying life at different complexity levels

The Cadillo Lab

Our interests are diverse and include, among others, studies on the ecology of carbon rich ecosystems, the interactions and activity of microbes in response or as potential ecosystem drivers, and the genomics and evolution of microbes tracking their mechanisms of change and key innovations.

Our lab focuses on novel groups of methane-producing Archaea and interacting bacteria in anaerobic, high carbon-content natural or human engineered environments. Understanding the ecology, genomics, and management of microbial communities will contribute to predictions of ecological dynamics and evolutionary patterns, predictions on greenhouse gas flux in ecosystems, and development of different bioenergy and environmental remediation applications.

The Cadillo lab has a dual affiliation between the School of Life Sciences and the Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology at the Biodesign Institute. This dual affiliation is reflected by our complementary efforts on basic and applied research.